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10 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is the best season to have a wedding. Why? Because you can set your wedding with a fall theme. A wedding in fall should get some fall decorations with the fall leaves, pumpkins, flowers, and so on. The fall theme of a wedding will make the wedding look beautiful and gets a strong character for the decoration. It is clearly will everyone in the guest feel awesome to the unique decoration and design. Let’s take a look at some examples of fall wedding ideas.

1. Wedding Apple Candle


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Using some apples as the candles for the fall wedding is not only a clever idea but also a good thing for a wedding on a budget. It can save the wedding budget well.

2. Wedding Card Box

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It is a fall wedding so the card box needs to be designed with a fall accent too. Using a big white pumpkin, it will be perfect to have a fall wedding car box.

3. Floating Apples with Candles

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Candles and apples are two awesome things to be used for fall wedding decoration. The fall leaves around the basin is surely showing the fall accent.

4. Wedding Leaf Sign

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It is another unique way to fall wedding design. The guest can sign the fall leave right when they come to the wedding place. The leaves are designed on a rustic board.

5. Pumpkins Fall Wedding

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Using two white pumpkins, this fall wedding idea has a lovely design for the bride and groom. The pumpkins are decorated with the symbol for them.

6. Wedding Caramel Apple

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The caramel apple for the fall wedding is a cool idea for the wedding favor. It is also can be decorated with a name tag of the bride and groom name.

7. Roasted Marshmallows for Wedding

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When it comes to having an outdoor fall wedding, it will the best thing to make some unique fall dessert just like this idea. The roasted marshmallows are wrapped uniquely.

8. Fall Wedding Table Idea

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This fall wedding cronuts table are inviting all people to get some yummy foods. The fall decoration comes from the table and the cronut display with some leaves around it.

9. Warm Fall Wedding Color

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This wedding ceremony has beautiful warm fall colors with the petals. The petals are not only decorating the way to the altar, but also the wedding chairs.

10. Fall Wedding Cake