• Wedding Cakes


    As we all know that less is more. Simple wedding cakes are getting more and more popular, and I can’t tell enough how simple wedding cakes can be the sweetest part of the weddings. They are designed in such a classic way, but can always give a touch of elegance for any bride. Those simple wedding cakes start with a white and then accented with floral, which can match with your wedding colors. If you’re also a fan of simple elegant wedding cakes, with an affinity for minimalist and more organic designs, check out these amazing wedding cake ideas and get inspired.

  • Wedding Songs

    0 First Dance Songs For Weddings From The RMW Readers

    It’s a well known fact that RMW readers have the best taste in music. You lovely lot always astonish us with the originality of your first dance choices, the variety of live entertainment you chose and the thought that goes into throwing an incredible party for your guests. From steel bands, to brass bands, acoustic guitar players to harpists, you’ve pretty much shown us it all. So, if you’re searching for first dance inspiration then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Whether you’re asking your band to learn a song, or using a playlist, below you’ll find the ultimate list of first dance songs for your wedding, as used by the…

  • Wedding Ideas


    Morning and welcome to this ‘Wedstock’ themed woodland barn wedding, brought to us all the way from North Carolina. Anja and Nate planned a super laid-back festival themed wedding and it was a blast! Despite the rain, they danced the night away to live music and camped out in tents right outside the barn reception. And please note, not just any old barn – authentic and deeply sentimental, this place (and I mean the entire venue) has been in the Wickerville family for decades, passed on by Anja’s much loved Grandfather. Previously his working woodshed, the barn was restored by the family and played the perfect host to an incredible…

  • Wedding Wishes

    Katrina & Lindsey’s Chic Rustic Candlelit Wedding

    Katrina and Lindsey’s sweet and funny proposal shows that when things don’t go exactly to plan, it becomes a great story to tell! When it came to their wedding, finding a great location and relaxed atmosphere was top priority, and their plans for a chic rustic celebration soon fell into place.  THE PROPOSAL “Lindsey proposed during our European holiday at the Palace of Versailles. We’d spent an hour wandering around the gardens when it started raining – I turned around to find Lindsey kneeling in the mud. He will often tell people that my first reaction was, ‘What are you doing, get out of the mud!’ and to ‘Hurry up, our bus…