Wedding Invitations


An invitation to a wedding celebration is one of the first steps towards a young couple living together. This is an essential attribute of the wedding ceremony, which is not worth saving. After all, the invitation sets the tone and style of the event.

If you choose manual work for your cards, be prepared for additional material and time costs.
It will take patience and strength to create a masterpiece with his own hands for his distinguished guests.

So, we bring to your attention a few ideas and small workshops how to make a variety of invitations to the wedding with your own hands.


In preparation for the wedding can not be small things, the first step after choosing a date should be sending out invitations, so that dear and welcome guests can plan their time in advance. Of course, the easiest option is to buy or order invitation cards at a print shop, but then they are unlikely to be individual.

Self-made wedding invitations keep good energy: even if you make all the invitation cards the same, you can add some of them with small details with “tips” so that relatives and friends understand that this was done specifically for them. To make invitations is very fun, connect the soulmate, girlfriends and friends to this lesson, handicraft brings people together and at the same time can reveal hitherto dormant talents. Who knows, maybe deep down you are an artist, designer or folk artist?

The invitation must include the names of the newlyweds, guests, wedding date, time and place of the ceremony and wedding, where the banquet will be held, and so on. In fact, the invitation is the first impression of the guests from the upcoming celebration, so it’s worth a try.