Wedding Ideas

Choosing the perfect wedding location

The pre-selection of suitable locations for the wedding

The choice of the wedding location should be at the beginning of your planning –
as soon as possible after the wedding date has been set. Desired rooms are
usually fully booked – sometimes one to two years in advance – which is not least
due to the fact that a large part of the wedding celebrations take place on a
summer weekend.
Before you put together a pre-selection of suitable wedding locations, you should
think about the following two criteria:
1) The style of your wedding and the type of location
How do you imagine your wedding and what type of location harmonizes with this
style? For example, a rustic wedding could be a restaurant or a winery, a romantic
wedding a castle and a fancy wedding a ship or an industrial backdrop.
At this point, also consider whether an outdoor area is important to you. Especially
at summer weddings, it is nice when guests have the opportunity to enjoy the
fresh air in between. A terrace or a garden area speak even more for a location if it
can be easily reached from the ballroom and oers
such a beautiful backdrop that
it can also be used for a champagne reception or a couple’s shoot.
2) Location of the wedding ceremony
Before you decide on the location of the location, it is helpful to have already
determined the location of the wedding ceremony. Ideally, you choose a location
that is easily accessible for you and your guests and is close to the wedding venue
(church or registry oce).
There is also the possibility that the ceremony and
subsequent festivities take place in the same place. Many locations also work with
the neighboring registry oces,
which makes it possible for them to get married in
their own rooms.
As soon as you have selected a rst
idea of the suitable location and the locations
that harmonize with your ideas, you arrange a viewing appointment. You can then

Find and find the right location for the wedding – weddix

clarify on the phone or by email whether the location on your wedding date is still

Visiting the locations
Before the viewing appointment, you should discuss a few questions in order to
develop an even more precise idea of the suitable location for your wedding. With
the contact person at the location you will then clarify whether your wishes can be
How many guests are we expecting?
The size of the ballroom should match the number of wedding guests. A small
wedding party in a room that is too large quickly seems lost, while a room that is
too small can create a feeling of tightness. In addition to the guests, the necessary
space for DJ, dance oor,
gift table or buet
may also have to be taken into
account. The operators of the venue will be able to tell you exactly how many
guests the room is suitable for and how the remaining space can be used.
The catering
Would you like food and drinks to be served by the location or delivered by an
external caterer? If you choose a location where you also book the catering for
your wedding party, you should make an additional appointment for a romantic
rehearsal dinner. For many guests, the quality of the food depends on whether it
was a successful festival.
Your budget
The ballroom, as well as food and drinks, will make up a large part of your budget.
Therefore, you should have set your nancial
limit before you talk to the location
owner. With regard to food and beverages, it could also be important to ask
whether you would like a at-rate
or to pay according to consumption, as
well as whether you have to rent a room in addition to the price of food and
beverages. It could also be interesting whether the service provider oers
an “allround
carefree package” in which he not only provides space and meals, but also,
for example, decoration, DJ and children’s amusement. This may not only save you
money but also valuable planning time!
Other possible decision
criteria In addition to these criteria, other points may be particularly important for
you, such as the availability of parking spaces, opportunities for children to play,
the time limit for celebrating or the question of whether the location is suitable for
the disabled. It is best to take a checklist with the most important points for you to
At a viewing appointment, explain to the contact person your ideas and nd
how your wishes can be met. In addition to these objective points of view, your
subjective well-being is also very important. In addition to all the data and facts,
take your time to let the atmosphere work on you.

Find and find the right location for the wedding – weddix

If you feel comfortable as a bride and groom in the location, then your guests will
also like it!
The nal
choice of your dream location

Despite all the lists and exclusion criteria, you will nally
have a few rooms in the
selection from which you will have to choose one. Now it says: What does
your stomach say? In which ballroom do you see each other on your big day?
Where would you like to cut your cake, where will your opening waltz dance and
where will you celebrate such an important day with your loved ones? Simply
choose from the suitable locations that is the most beautiful for you personally; be
it because you connect wonderful memories with her, she has a special charm or
you simply – for whatever reason – fell in love with this location! cheap formal dresses online