Wedding Ideas

Cupcakes – sweet idea for the wedding Cupcakes – the new trend for weddings

Cupcakes as an alternative to the wedding cake take the wedding world by storm
from the USA and are very versatile. Many bridal couples choose the trendy
wedding cake variant and convince every sweet tooth among the wedding guests.
Cupcakes are decorative, have a handy size and can be individually designed – a
nice way for the newlyweds to have their personal touch on each of the small
wedding cakes or to adapt the cupcakes to the wedding motto. You don’t have to
do without a with cupcakes either! You can place cake gures,
example, on the top the bonboniere or in the middle of the cupcakes,
depending on your mood.
Cupcakes – that makes the tartlets special
As early as the 19th century, Jane Austen wrote about the deliciousness of loose
dough and sensual cream and praised the cupcakes in the highest tones. But at
the latest after the girls from “Sex and the City” served stylish cupcakes with small
shoes on them at their parties, the tartlet is simply cult here in Germany. But what
exactly are cupcakes? Cupcakes are the delicate and decorative relatives of the
however, are less decorated and ligree,
whereas the creamy
cupcakes, with their lovingly decorated sugar hood, are always a little piece of art
made of dough and are reminiscent of the ne
opulence à la Marie Antoinette.

Cupcakes – ideas for the wedding
In the form of a , cupcakes can be draped on a colorfully decorated
dessert table at the wedding party and distributed to the wedding guests instead
of a wedding cake. Depending on their hunger, each guest can enjoy one or two
wedding tarts of their choice. Depending on the taste, the bride and groom can
also plan the color of the frosting in the wedding motto and thus create a perfect
look of the wedding decoration. As a replacement for party favors, the wonderful
cupcakes can be given away in small cardboard boxes as a reminder of the dream
wedding. Place the gift boxes on the plates of your wedding guests and attach a
small thank you message to an , the perfect gift is ready! The
feminine pastry is also a great idea for the . Serve cupcakes in a girlish
design with Prosecco and look forward to the positive feedback from your friends.
Cupcakes – professional bakers & recipes
Acquired a taste? –
also for your cupcake buet
for the wedding!
If you or your family are enthusiastic about baking – great cupcake recipes to feast
on and imitate for the wedding: cheap formal dresses australia