Wedding Cakes

Customs around the wedding cake

The wedding cake is an integral part of the wedding celebration. Mostly
this special cake for the wedding is baked by a professional pastry shop
and decorated with a . We have summarized everything you
need to know about the history and creation of the wedding cake here.

There was an ancient custom at the beginning of the
wedding cake
The ancient Romans already knew an early form of the wedding cake. It
was common to bake an almond cake and break it over the bride’s
head. The crumbs were then picked up by the wedding guests and
eaten. This ceremony should bring happiness and health. Nowadays a
custom that would take some getting used to for most brides and
guests. Perhaps that is why this tradition lost its importance.
The rst
wedding cake
The very rst
wedding cake in the classic tower shape was allegedly
baked by an English confectioner in the 18th century. He shaped the
cake along the lines of St. Brides Church in London.
Fertility symbol
The wedding cake is considered a fertility symbol par excellence:
traditionally it is baked from our,
honey, spices and many, many
almonds. Today’s wedding cake, on the other hand, is usually very
generous, wrapped in icing and made from many other ingredients.
The meaningful ingredient marzipan
An ingredient should denitely
not be missing from your cake, even if
only as a decoration: marzipan. Because marzipan is made from
almonds, rose oil and sugar and each of these ingredients symbolizes
senses: the sweetness of the almonds stands for happiness in
love, its bitterness for the worse times in life and the rose oil for passion
in love.
5 oors
or steps of life
5 oors
are very traditional, each symbolizing 5 important steps in the
life of the bride and groom: birth, communion / conrmation,
a rich child’s blessing and death.

The cut of the wedding cake
The wedding cake is traditionally cut by the bride and groom together.
You should take a close look: if you have your hand up, it is said that you
have the upper hand in marriage. And so that the gate is also nice to
look at, you should also have the right cutting tool. Noble cake sets with
engravings are not only beautiful for the moment – they remind the
whole life of the most important cake cut in life.
The rst
If you had guessed: The very rst
piece of the wedding red traditionally
belongs to the groom! Then the bride and husband can feed each other
with a piece of cake and enjoy the delicious sweet.
beans in the cake
Did you know that traditionally two coee
beans are baked into a
wedding cake? One roasted and one unroasted. If you catch the roasted
one you can count yourself lucky. Then, it is said, you will soon be
allowed to plunge into married life. But if you get the unroasted one,
you remain single. semi formal dresses australia  

Before the wedding cake is handed out to the guests, the bridal couple
has a dicult
task to accomplish. After cutting the cake, the two should
traditionally dare a kiss over the cake tower!