Wedding Ideas

Garter Throwing in England – ?? the bridal bouquet?? for men

Just like the bride who throws her into the crowd of
unmarried women, so the English groom throws the garter of his wives
to the bachelors among the male wedding guests.

The special thing about it is the removal of the garter belt. In front of the
assembled wedding party, the groom slowly pushes his bride’s dress,
inch by inch, upwards before taking o the garter and tossing it into the
The catcher of the garter belt, like the catcher of the bridal bouquet, is
predicted to get married soon.
In France, the bride’s garter is auctioned. After each additional bid, the
groom pushes the hem of the a little higher. Not only a
feast for the eyes for all wedding guests, but also additional money for
the budget of the bride and groom.