Wedding Wishes


What’s filled with luck and full of love? Irish weddings! Incorporating ancient Irish traditions into modern day weddings is a great way to reconnect with your Irish heritage or channel your inner Irish Attitude. Use these great Irish wedding traditions straight from the Emerald Isle to make your big day a wee bit o’ Irish.

Irish Lace is a tradition tapping back into the 1800’s, but now extravagant gowns are beautifully sown with lace designs. Your big day wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous gown, so use this simple Irish tradition to feel even more beautiful.

The Bride’s bouquet is a focal point while walking down the aisle, so make it vibrant and full of life with lucky shamrocks planted throughout blooming dog rose flowers.

Did you know the phrase “Tying the Knot” originated with the ancient Celtic ceremony of hand fasting? This ancient tradition symbolizes the couple joining as one. To join together clasp your hands together, take a colored ribbon according to your bridal colors and wrap it around your hands as a symbol of unity of your marriage.

Don’t forget about the ring. The Claddagh ring represents love, loyalty and friendship. When worn on your left hand ring finger  with the crown turned towards you, it indicates marriage.

The Irish wedding toast: “For each petal on the shamrock this  brings a wish your way. Good heath, good luck and happiness for  today and every day.”

The Irish stone blessing is an ancient alternative to a modern  day guest book. The Irish couple’s tradition was to marry by a  body of water and guests were invited to toss a stone into the  water as a blessing. The modern twist is to have your guests take  a stone, write their names and a message then place it in a dish  of water!

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