Wedding Wishes

Katrina & Lindsey’s Chic Rustic Candlelit Wedding

Katrina and Lindsey’s sweet and funny proposal shows that when things don’t go exactly to plan, it becomes a great story to tell! When it came to their wedding, finding a great location and relaxed atmosphere was top priority, and their plans for a chic rustic celebration soon fell into place. 


“Lindsey proposed during our European holiday at the Palace of Versailles. We’d spent an hour wandering around the gardens when it started raining – I turned around to find Lindsey kneeling in the mud. He will often tell people that my first reaction was, ‘What are you doing, get out of the mud!’ and to ‘Hurry up, our bus will be leaving soon!’ Little did I know he was trying to work up enough courage to propose – after realising what was actually happening, the emotions started and we had our special little moment.”


“The plan was to have the ceremony at our venue’s little open air chapel outside, amongst the trees and nature. It rained just as our guests were arriving, so we resorted to Plan B, taking our ceremony upstairs and undercover to the reception area. We stood out on a small gazebo and our family and friends were nice and close, which made the atmosphere feel even more intimate and beautiful.”


“I fell in love with how elegant, feminine and vintage Anna Campbell dresses were after going shopping for my sister’s dress the previous year. I’d narrowed it down to two when the lovely stylist asked me, ‘How do you think your husband-to-be will react when he sees you in this dress?” I broke down in tears and just knew how perfect this dress would be.”


“When we came across Ecostudio Fellini, the secluded nature of the property and the beautiful environment completely ticked all the boxes for the intimate and relaxed wedding we wanted. The moment we stood in the grounds, we both knew it was exactly the spot we wanted to celebrate our wedding with all of our favourite people. Our family live all over Australia, so we factored in a holiday experience and convenience for them as well.”


“Remember to find a time to stop, look around, and appreciate that all the people you love are in one room and there to celebrate you both – it’s a pretty magical feeling. The whole day goes by so quickly, it’s important to try and be present.”