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Micro Weddings – Mini weddings as an alternative to large wedding celebrations

Micro Wedding – getting married in your closest circle
If your wedding cannot take place on a large scale as planned for
reasons that you cannot inuence, you have a choice: cancel the
wedding or minimize the number of guests. For many, canceling the wedding is out of the question and therefore needs to be rethought. At
the moment some of you are sure to come across the “micro wedding”
trend. The micro wedding, also known as small, intimate or tiny
wedding, describes a wedding party with up to 30 people. Many bridal
couples actually only celebrate with their parents or best friends. A
small wedding is not automatically less festive or beautiful! The smaller
number of people opens up completely new opportunities for many,
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Locations for your micro wedding
A small wedding party certainly brings more choice with your wedding
location. Many locations operate, in addition to their large event rooms,
further rooms for smaller groups and restaurants are now also possible,
which are often excluded at large events. If you have already booked a
location for the big celebration, talk to your service provider about
whether there are also small ancillary rooms or similar. would be
available. way, you will nd many wonderful locations for your
wedding in our .

Wedding in your own four walls
“Wedding in your own four walls” – a variant of the wedding celebration,
which until recently was less popular, is very popular right now. Here it
is possible to redesign your home with matching decorative items as
you wish for the small, large party

Wonderful in dierent colors and with romantic
inscriptions create a festive atmosphere. Your dining table can also
shine in a completely new light with the right .
Enchanting , and , as
well as place give your wedding that certain something.

Wedding at home does not only apply to the living room or the
kitchen, your garden or terrace can also be used wonderfully as a
party location. Put, for example, parasols and party tables in the
garden, place a pair of fairy lights & lanterns and a romantic
atmosphere is guaranteed! An extraordinary idea for your
, for example, would be dancing in the open air. Here you
can lay plates, as a kind of floor, in your garden, which then serves as
a dance floor. And when the party is over, the floor is simply removed
again and everything is as always.
Perhaps it will also help a nervous bride or a nervous groom to enjoy
the moment more when they are celebrating in their own home.
Because it is well known that you feel most comfortable at home!

quality not quantity
Due to the lower number of wedding guests, you have more budget
available per head, which can be used for individual and, above all,
higher quality details. At a tiny wedding it is “quality instead of quantity”.
Beautiful tableware, lanterns, chair covers and everything your heart
desires gives your decoration a festive setting. Maybe you even choose
a wedding motto and decorate in the style of your wedding theme – this
will make it easier for your guests to nd a suitable outt. In addition,
you can opt for an individual menu without a large catering company
and maybe even provide your own menu for the younger guests. The
bottom line is most likely that there is still money left over, for example
in your dream wedding dress,Honeymoon , invest.

More exuberant mood for everyone
An intimate wedding is, as its name suggests, very intimate and
therefore often takes a lot of pressure o the bridal couple. Of course,
this very special day will remain exciting, but the tension of trying to
please a large wedding party is almost certainly greater than when the
celebration takes place in the circle of the closest condante. Being in
the center of 100 people is not for everyone. A mini wedding can
therefore mean a more exuberant mood and relaxed celebration for
one or the other.
Another aspect that should not be forgotten is the time that you can
take for each individual guest. At a big celebration it is simply
impossible for the bride and groom to be able to have a long chat with
every guest, in addition to dancing, eating and wedding photos. For
many it is quite rare to have all of their loved ones around

More exible planning of your wedding
Planning time is also an aspect for many couples when deciding on a
micro wedding. With a smaller number of guests, the preparation
time can be significantly reduced. Thus, the micro wedding is also a
great option for everyone who wants to get married as spontaneously
as possible.
For your mini wedding, despite the small frame, a planner is
denitely worthwhile , who will help you to implement everything
exactly as you imagine it. Many wedding planners have already
specialized in the subject of “micro wedding”. A wedding in your own
home as well as in a rented location always requires well-thought-out

Conclusion on micro wedding
As you can see, even a small wedding can be an unforgettable
celebration. With the right tricks you can get the best out of every party.
Because even ten wedding guests can create an incredible atmosphere
and ll your happiest day in life with numerous unforgettable moments.
So don’t let unforeseen external inuences take away your joy!
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