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Over 25 great ideas for wedding favors

Wedding favors are becoming more and more popular. This day should
bring unforgettable memories not only for the bride and groom
themselves, but also for the wedding guests – also in the form of a
“giveaway”, which the wedding party can enjoy for a certain time
But what makes an ideal ? At the beginning of the
decision there are fundamental considerations: should the guest gift
match a motto? Is it important that it matches the color of the
decoration or does it have to meet certain requirements due to the
crowd? Should the gift for the wedding guest be long-lasting or rather a
small culinary highlight? Do you need dierent
gifts for men, women  formal dresses for women
and children? And above all: how much eort
does the bride and groom
want and can do nancially
and organizationally?

In addition to the popular guest favors such as wedding almonds,
chocolate dragees or pralines, which are also available with a matching
print for the wedding, there are some original alternatives.
Shoes for troubled feet
After an extensive ceremony and a big feast, for example, everyone is
happy to have a pair of comfortable shoes for dancing. With a small
bow, ip-ops
also turn into a nice guest gift

Table bells with a double function
Another sweet idea are table bells as a guest gift. They are a nice
decorative element and can also be used for a romantic wedding game
during the celebration:

In addition to the popular guest favors such as wedding almonds,
chocolate dragees or pralines, which are also available with a matching
print for the wedding, there are some original alternatives.
Shoes for troubled feet
After an extensive ceremony and a big feast, for example, everyone is
happy to have a pair of comfortable shoes for dancing. With a small
bow, ip-ops
also turn into a nice guest gift.

Table bells with a double function
Another sweet idea are table bells as a guest gift. They are a nice
decorative element and can also be used for a romantic wedding game
during the celebration:
Heart glasses as an extraordinary idea for guest gifts
Heart glasses are a particularly unusual gift. The heart glasses look like
normal 3D glasses, but when you put them on, simple points of light
and sparks of light transform into enchanting large and small colorful
For example, the reworks
become a romantic rain of hearts or
candlelight become dancing hearts. In combination with a few
In order to be remembered for a long time with the guest gifts, there is
also the great idea of giving away small sachets of seeds to the guests.
These can be printed and personalized and every wedding guest can
look forward to owers
that they have planted themselves, which
remind them of the bridal couple, long after the big party.

Personalized cigars
Another nifty novelty in the area of guest favors are
. In southern European countries, a good cigar is a very typical and
traditional gift for male wedding guests. If the cigars are provided with a
banderole with the name and the wedding date of the bride and groom,
this very individual cigar will surely bring back wonderful memories of
the wedding celebration in the recipient in a delightful moment. A
beautiful innovation and gesture that also oers
the opportunity to sit
down and enjoy a good conversation during or after the wedding.

Chewing gum dispenser as a special gift
All small and large children among the guests can be made the
greatest joy with sweet treats. This is best done via a candy bar or small
gift bags with sweets. As a highlight, there are also small chewing gum
dispensers that you can leave as a gift on each seat.
Fan as a gift for the ladies
If it should be particularly warm at the wedding, the ladies of the
company are also very happy about a beautiful fan to cool o
a little elegantly. Fans come in all shapes and colors and they can even be
Seed bags for a long memory after the wedding
A particularly nice idea for wedding favors are small packages with
seeds that can be planted after the wedding and thus ensure a
long memory of the wonderful celebration.

Wedding apples as a fruity gift
The ” apple” is a classic, edible apple that becomes something
very special with an individual lettering or a romantic pattern. Red
apples are especially suitable because the lighter lettering is very
clearly visible here. The apple is engraved using modern laser
technology. The wedding apples can be kept for about a week due to
the laser treatment, if you keep them refrigerated a little longer. In
addition to apples, other fruits are also suitable, such as oranges.
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When planning a wedding, the bride and groom place more and more
emphasis on individuality and uniqueness and this trend has now also
reached the guest gifts.
Creative favors that bear the very personal signature of the bride and
groom and for the wedding decoration
preserve the memory of a wonderful day.
Wedding bubbles for small and large guests

Especially when these small soap bubbles are wrapped in organza and
given the name of the wedding guest, they are a highlight for every
table decoration. And during the bridal waltz or for a special kind of
wedding photo, the soap bubbles are very useful.
Printed napkins as eye-catchers
High quality napkins with ne
gold or silver embossing leave a lasting
impression on the wedding guests. The napkins for the champagne
reception, the coee
party or the wedding dinner can be printed with
wedding rings, the initials or the name of the bride and groom and the
wedding date, giving the table decorations a personal touch. And
certainly one or the other guest will be happy to take a copy home with
them as a small souvenir of the wedding …
More personalized favors
With beautiful you can personalize and decorate almost every
guest gift.
In addition, there are many beautiful giveaways for the wedding guests
that can be personalized directly, such as the wedding cigars for the
men, fans for the women (see above), gingerbread hearts as place
cards, homemade cookies and much more. We have collected a lot of
great ideas in this article. Enjoy browsing.

A practical combination results when the guest gift at the wedding can
also function as a place card, for example by attaching small labels –
printed or handwritten – to the glasses.
In addition to place there are a variety of other guest gifts
that can be easily integrated into the wedding table decorations as part
of the seating arrangement. Name tags, for example, can be attached to
candy boxes or cardboard boxes lled
with wedding almonds.
The small on which the names of the individual
guests are written are also an eye-catcher – a sweet place card, guest
gift and table decoration for the wedding in one. The wedding table can
be supplemented with funny gingerbread menu cards to match the
gingerbread heart place cards. Guests will love these delicious souvenirs!
If you want to conjure up something special on the wedding table, you
can, for example, fall back on a small tree in the shape of a heart – a
decoration element for the wedding, which will certainly be
used later in the household of the guests and can remind you of the
beautiful wedding day for a long time.
A very nice variant of guest favors as place cards are also small picture
frames in a vintage look, which embellish the wedding table and can
then be set up at the guests’ homes as a memento.

Of course, the little guests shouldn’t be neglected at the wedding
either. are therefore something very nice in
several respects: The children are particularly happy about a small,
nicely wrapped gift and have a wonderful occupation with the content.
You can give something to all children together, such as a pinata, which
the children can “slaughter” together, or each child receives a small
present or even a small gift box. The box can be lled
with all sorts of
small sweets and games, such as soap bubbles, balloons, puzzles,
pens, games of skill, magic boards and much more. This has the
advantage that both parents and children can enjoy the wonderful
party happily and relaxed.

In order to send a very personal and individual thank you to the
wedding guests, some bridal couples decide to make the favors
themselves. If you want to make a special memento of the wedding
yourself, there are no limits to your imagination and creativity: From
baking decorative and individual cookies, pralines or even cupcakes
and jam, to elaborate, for the wedding to
candles, which the bride and groom cast themselves, anything is
possible here.
Culinary favors for the wedding party
Many recipes and gifts are particularly easy to ll
in small packaging
and can be placed directly at the table for the wedding guests. Small
glass containers in particular are perfect for giving away personal or
home-made items decoratively and attractively to the wedding guests.
Homemade jam
Why not ll
small with the bride and groom’s favorite
homemade jam?
self-made place cards
The classic: mason jars or screw-top jars with jams or jellies from your
home kitchen. You can use apples and lavender to make a delicious
jelly, for example. Or pick sweet strawberries in the next eld
and cook a
tempting delicious jam. The nice thing about these favors is that you
can match the color of the jelly or jam to your wedding color motto:
purple – plum, red – berries, green – lime, etc.
The name and wedding date of the bride and groom can also be
printed or artistically written on a label – this way the wedding giveaway
is guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher. And the use as a place card is a
practical option and just as easy to implement by writing the names of
the wedding guests on the tags – an ornament for every wedding
Cookies as name cards
A nice and inexpensive variant of the jams as guest gifts are homemade
cookies as name cards at the wedding.

Simple butter cookies keep their shape during baking, are easy to make,
taste good and can be wonderfully decorated. Here, too, you can
wonderfully adapt the decoration of the cookies to the wedding
decoration and write the names of the guests, for example in sugar
script, directly on the cookie.
Homemade marshmallows as a gift
Marshmallows don’t just make children’s hearts beat faster – this uy
candy is popular with young and old. Every guest will be delighted with
a homemade variant.
We have tried a yourself and created
precise step-by-step instructions for you.
recipe for making marshmallows

Tea and spices as a small gift
Do you love tea and spices? In summer, many local herbs can also be
processed into spice mixtures, which can then be given in small glasses
as a gift. If you want, you can have special teas mixed in a pharmacy or
a tea shop, tailored to the wedding motto (eg “summer love” for a
summer wedding or “open re
for a winter celebration).
Homemade lemonade as a refreshment for the guests
The trend at the wedding is small drink bars with a larger selection of
drinks. In addition to drinks in retro bottles, homemade lemonades,
which can also be lled
in small bottles, go very well here. The bottles
can also be equipped with straws ready and oer
large and small
wedding guests a delicious refreshment.
For those who prefer it sweet: try your own syrup. Filled in small bottles,
this gift looks temptingly delicious.
Oils and essences to pamper you
Those who like it less sugary can use hearty contents of the guest
favors instead of jam or other sweets: pasta – heart-shaped to match
the wedding – can be just as popular as ne
spices and oils or hard
liquor. For this purpose, more useful than glasses and
are no less decorative. Such favors round o
the wedding tastefully and
will make the wedding guests think of the successful celebration well
beyond the consumption.
From chili oil to garlic paste to spicy vinegar essences, you can surprise
your wedding guests with ideas from the kitchen that you have made
yourself, which will surprise every wedding guest when lled
in bottles.
These favors not only make an impression – they are also practical
helpers in the kitchen.

Homemade liqueurs and schnapps
Homemade liqueurs and schnapps can be prepared very well and are
therefore perfect as a guest gift and will especially please the men of
the wedding party. It is best to use ingredients from the respective
region of the bride and groom – almost everything can be put in highpercentage
grain or other schnapps and gives o
the taste to the liquid.

Homemade wedding favors – it doesn’t always have to be edible
Musical greeting as a particularly emotional gift
A wonderful idea for a self-made gift is a CD with songs that are typical
of the wedding or that the bride and groom associate with special
moments together. The blank CD can be printed with a photo of the
couple and a small booklet also oers
enough space for pictures or
words of thanks to the wedding guests.
Plants for a living memory long after the wedding
A special to the wedding party is also a creative idea for
a wedding present. Seeds or small shoots are planted in a small pot –
for example those from four-leaf clover, but it can also be daisies or
other owers
– and the potty is presented at the wedding. It can also
function as a place card on the wedding table by adding the names of
the wedding guests or be pepped up with shiny or colorful –
for example in the form of the word “Thank you”. Following the wedding,
the guests can now draw their ower
greeting and this can ourish
symbolically like the marriage of the newlywed bride and groom.
Bath salts as a pretty wedding giveaway
The female wedding guests shouldn’t miss out either – spoil them with
small test tubes or bottles lled
with fragrant salt! Coarse salt can be
mixed well with all kinds of fragrant herbs. Depending on your wishes
and ingredients, an herbal salt with herbs from Provence or, for
example, a bath salt with an essential lavender scent is created. Here,
too, there are no limits to the imagination.

Small bottles can also be the perfect gift for guests as a “message in a
bottle”. For example, you can print a beautiful love saying or a poem on
a piece of paper, roll it up and stow it in a small bottle with some sand.
You can give the love messages to your wedding guests as small
keepsakes or keep them in a basket to take away.

The custom of giving guests 5 sugared almonds for weddings or
baptisms goes back to the times of the Sun King Louis XIV.
But why 5 almonds? Almonds are also a symbol of life. Because life can
be sweet but just as bitter, just like these almonds with icing. Each
represents a specic
wish addressed to the wedding
couple: health, prosperity, happiness, fertility and a long life.
There are now a wide variety of shapes, colors and tastes in wedding
almonds, so that the little delicacies can be individually adapted to the
wedding and the bridal couple.
The almonds are usually packed in pretty chion
bags or in small
cardboard boxes as a guest gift and decorate the wedding table.

However, if you don’t like almonds that much, you can look forward to
various alternatives that can be packaged symbolically like the
almonds . From chocolate hearts to crispy dragees in all colors
of the rainbow, there is everything your heart desires.

In order to make the respective guest gift special and festive, you need
Depending on the content, there are various options for preparing the
small give-aways for the wedding guests. In addition to small jars and
bottles, there are, for example, small organza bags in a wide variety of
colors and shapes. But also special cardboard boxes and boxes can
make the gift look very nice.
No matter what the jars and bottles are lled
with, the right decoration
makes the little gifts even more beautiful. Small helpers such as satin
ribbons or decorative hearts or small fabric owers
are easy to attach
and give every guest gift a beautiful wedding look. It can be decorated
however you like, the bottles can be provided with labels and with a
tag, the favors can even be used as a substitute for place
suitable packaging.

The small give-aways for the guests are packed and ready – but when
do you hand over the guest gifts at the wedding? The same applies
here: What is allowed is allowed.
Depending on how the wedding celebration is organized, there are
various options to give the guests a small gift.
Usually the gifts are already in the respective seat of the guests or are
given when they say goodbye.
In order to create a special eye-catcher, the many small gifts can also
be arranged and decorated in one place (e.g. on a table) so that every
guest can easily help themselves.
Another nice idea is to send the little gifts with the wedding invitation
(small guest favors such as key rings or sparklers are particularly
suitable here).
If a lot of guests come from far away for a wedding and are accordingly
accommodated in hotels, it is also a nice surprise when a small present
is already waiting in the hotel room.
Depending on the type of gift and the setting of the wedding
celebration, you can decide freely when and how you want to please
the guests long sleeve formal dresses