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Romantic weddings despite Corona? Yes

The current situation demands a lot from you as the bridal couple –
especially now that your big day is getting closer and closer, great
restrictions apply in order to contain a pandemic. You now have to
decide: cancel the wedding or just get married for two. As sad as it
sounds at rst,
many bridal couples have already done exactly that &
would make the same decision at any time! Here we show you
wonderfully romantic stories that prove that a wedding can be
wonderfully beautiful even during Corona. Let yourself be inspired!
Isabelle & Constantin – wedding with a surprise moment
Postpone wedding? Not an option for Sophie & Niklas
Tanja & Jan – lightning wedding in Hünxe

Isabelle & Constantin – wedding with a surprise moment
At the beginning of April, Isabelle and Constantin were also faced
with the choice of either canceling their wedding or getting married
for two and decided on their wedding on April 3rd, 2020. Your
wedding took place in a very special location, the magnicent
Hamburg City Hall. There actually 27 people were supposed to
experience this special moment with them in the Phoenix Hall and
then celebrate the new happiness with their favorite Italian
afterwards. As the current situation dictates, the original plan had to
be discarded, but it was not to become any less special and
romantic. The two said yes in front of the impressive and magnicent
backdrop of the town hall, accompanied by the registrar and a
photographer. Afterwards they got a little tour of the town hall,

In the town hall hall, the two of their loved ones were received. At a
distance of two meters, friends and family had placed themselves
along the pillars with lucky sticks and drinks and greeted the
newlyweds – an absolute goosebump moment that the two of them
did not expect. Afterwards pigeons and balloons were let y
everyone went home.
At home, the two of them spent the day with Skype, FaceTime and
Co. – they will never forget this special day, says Isabelle

Postpone wedding? Not an option for Sophie & Niklas
Sophie and her husband Niklas also decided not to cancel their big
day despite the current situation and also said yes on April 3rd, 2020.
Postponing the wedding completely was not an option for the two
because they are expecting their rst
daughter in August and
absolutely wanted to be married before the birth. So the two were
married in the closest circle, only with their best man and their
photographer and they would decide it again at any time. The
registrar took a lot of time and made it possible for both of them to
have a wonderful wedding. After the wedding, however, the two did
not celebrate their happiness alone: One of the groomsmen is their
roommate, so at least the three of them could celebrate the new
happiness. Your wedding ceremony was recorded on video for

Tanja & Jan – lightning wedding in Hünxe
Tanja and Jan had been planning their big day since November. 70
guests and an exuberant celebration in a large marquee were
planned, but then the Corona Virus intervened. The two were initially
optimistic, but with the school closings at the latest, it became clear
that their wedding would be close. The decision of a rejection was
taken from them by the registrar in mid-March. But that should
not be the nal
end of their wedding, because the registrar asked to
bring the wedding forward. So it happened that Tanja and Jan
planned their lightning wedding in less than 23 hours. cheap formal dresses online
Within a very short time, business appointments were canceled, a
bridal bouquet was obtained and an outt
for the groom was
searched in the closet, whose wedding suit was for April 4th. was
already at the tailoring. On March 17th the big day had already come.
Of course, her loved ones were missing in the wedding hall and the
necessary distance to the registrar and the other protective
measures are not what you imagine for your wedding at rst,
but for
Tanja and Jan it couldn’t have been nicer under the circumstances.
The extraordinary situation created a very special atmosphere. A
very intense moment that might not have been like that in front ofthe many guests – under all the tense looks at the yes-word and the
kiss that sealed the promise.
Are you still faced with the decision to postpone your wedding or
celebrate as a couple? In our guide to
, we will show you how you can deal with the current situation
& how you and your guests can maintain the anticipation .