Wedding Wishes

Sarah and Dennis – Romantic wedding on the estate

The door opens and we step into the “Sonnenblick” room. The radio
is on, here and there something still needs to be discussed, knotted
or assigned to tasks – a classic preparation for the bride. Sarah is
sitting on the chair in a good mood and with bright eyes. Jenny the
hairdresser does magic on the hair and her girls get ready at the
same time. The atmosphere is great at the Landgut am Hochwald,
which is sometimes due to a well-organized bride and the best maid
of honor I’ve seen so far – all important precautions have been taken
or at least organized. “Which champagne glass was mine again? It
doesn’t matter, I’ll just take this!” is one of the classic sentences of
the morning – but still no trace of excitement. formal dresses for women

The situation with the men is similarly relaxed, apart from the fact
that Dennis and Steve are slowly getting a little too warm under the
roof. So here it’s time to put on a shirt, tie a bow tie, fumble in
cuinks, put on a jacket and a few more photos of the two friends,
and then it’s back down to Sarah.

She can watch from the window as the guests of the free wedding
slowly roll in, as well as her father. Together with him she will run
across the estate to the waiting company, especially to the waiting
groom. The music starts, all the guests get up and nally there is the
exciting moment of the rst glance between bride and groom or man
and woman in spé. Just beautiful.
This is only a brief outline of the eventful and wonderful wedding
day, which is peppered with details, surprises and emotions. Just
take a look at the report

irst names of the bride and groom: Sarah and Dennis
lace of the wedding: Sonsbeck
Wedding date : 08/08/2015
Wedding location 1: Landgut am Hochwald in Sonsbeck (
air & Make-up: Jenny Rambach long sleeve formal dresses australia
ridal jewelry : engagement ring – Tianys, earrings – Swarowski, bracelet –
ridal shoes: Lazzarini
lower decorations & bridal bouquet: Heide Dath Floristik, Dinslaken
Wedding rings: 123 gold
ree wedding: Landgut am Hochwald in Sonsbeck