Wedding Cakes

Tips & tricks for the wedding cake

The wedding cake is an important part of the wedding celebration and the culinary
highlight of the at the wedding. We have put together for you what you have
to consider when it comes to wedding cakes and helpful tips about cakes.
A classic wedding cake? Or do you prefer cupcakes?
A multi-tiered wedding cake in plain white is probably classic. But for everyone
who likes something a little more unusual, there are pies, cakes, tarts and tartlets in
all imaginable shapes and colors. You can’t go wrong with the traditional ve-tier
cake. Whether with a delicate pearl pattern in white or with colorful ower
decorations made of marzipan or sugar – the wedding cake will denitely
good. The tartlets or cupcake variants are a real feast for the eyes and certainly a
little more unusual: instead of a large cake, there are simply many small, colorful
works of art. The llings
can be very dierent
– you will be surprised what
seductive creations today’s art of baking has in store for you: Chocolate tart with
chilli, mango mousse with ginger, white chocolate mousse with lavender honey.

Professional confectionery or highlight self-made?
Most newlyweds nowadays resort to the help of a pastry chef, even if it can be
quite expensive in some cases. Of course , also oer
a number of
services for this: A free test meal, a small consultation and an individual cake
decoration and of course less stress than baking yourself. And above all: if you
believe the customs, the bride should never bake herself! That brings misfortune!
The many wedding bakery stands symbolically for the hard work in married life.
How much cake and cake do I need for the wedding?
As a rule, 2 pieces per person are sucient.
After the wedding dinner there is often
no more space to eat more cakes and wedding cakes.
How much does a cake cost?
In terms of price, there are hardly any limits to the imagination, even with cakes. On
average, however, you should expect around € 2.80 per piece. Then of course
there is also the decoration. Bear in mind that, for example, roses made from sugar
(approx. 10 €) are twice as expensive as roses made from marzipan. Or that you
can do without any elaborate decoration by decorating the cake with fresh owers.

When should I order the cake?
If you plan to have your cake made by a pastry chef, it is best to make a note of
your appointment a few months before the wedding. Especially if you get married
in the spring.

Test dinner at the confectioner’s?
Plan one or two rehearsal meals with your confectioner and think about how many
pieces you will need. The more specic
you have in mind, the faster the pastry
shop can implement your wishes and make you a suitable oer.
Note the season!
Remember the season! A heavy buttercream at 30 degrees is not for everyone and
seasonal fruits are always cheaper. Let your pastry chef or catering service advise

When should you serve the wedding cake?
Usually the wedding cake is served as the grand nale,
so to speak after the
midnight snack with goulash soup, roast, etc. However, there is a risk that everyone
will be full. So maybe it would be better to forego dessert and feast on a cake
If, on the other hand, you plan to have coee
in the afternoon, then the wedding
cake opens the cake buet.
Or, for the unconventional: you can have the cake
served at the champagne reception and thus open the actual celebration.
To ensure that such an artful sugar tower gets the respect it deserves, the cake
can be set up in the dining room right at the beginning of the celebration. Everyone
has enough time to look at the work of art and, moreover, every guest knows what
else, in terms of calories, is in store for them.
Cakes and sweets suitable for children
So that children and allergy suerers
can also enjoy the sweet feast, you should
a cake without alcohol or nuts. Alternatively, you can also grab a
candy buet
or candy bar that everyone can help themselves to.
How can you decorate the cake?
The top of the sweet tower is usually decorated with a cake gure.
In general,
there are two options: Either you decide to have an individual cake gure
from sugar or marzipan by the confectioner. Or you can buy one of the many
classic or funny bridal couples. There are now a multitude of dierent
cake gures:
funny brides with cell phones, the sporty groom with football or golf equipment or
noble, large intials of the bride and groom in silver or gold. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A pair of cakes you have bought will stay with you
forever. Marzipan or sugar gures,
on the other hand, are individual, but also
ephemeral. Are you still looking for a cake gure
for the wedding cake?
of classic and unusual cake gures
for the
Flowers are also used to decorate the wedding cake. You can order those made
from marzipan directly from the confectioner. In the case of real ower
arrangements, you should nd
out in advance from the orist
and pastry chef
whether this is possible for your wedding cake. Because the owers
are often not
color-fast and can discolour your wedding cake. semi formal dresses australia  
We hope our tips were useful. Let your wedding cake taste good!