Wedding Ideas

Wedding in black & white

Church wedding of Christina and Franz

This wedding was all modernity – the color concept consisted of very
elegant decoration. From the bridal bouquet to the ballroom
decorations, the wedding cake to the : everything looked very noble in a
modern black and white look.

The rst very romantic meeting of bride and groom took place on the Hilgartsberg
castle ruins. Then we went on to the parish church in Aidenbach for a church

A special event was a cat that crept quietly through the open church door! The cat
ran straight towards the altar towards the bride and groom – much to the
amusement of the guests and especially the groom – a huge cat lover who owns
some house tigers.

When leaving the church after the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom were
greeted by the wedding guests with beautiful . As an alternative to
the classic throwing of rice, these “lucky sticks” wave luck to the newly wed
couple. Then dozens of black and white wedding balloons rose into the blue sky.

Since the bride has Russian roots, the traditional bridal shoe stealing was of course
a must. A lavish party, starting with a romantic opening dance, rounded o this
wonderful wedding

irst names of the bride and groom: Christina and Franz
hurch: Aidenbach parish church