Wedding Ideas

Wedding in blue

Wedding decoration in blue – dreamy and modern at the same time
A wedding as blue as the sea! Whether deep navy blue or dreamy turquoise, the
color blue is on everyone’s lips and convinces with playful lightness and profound
symbolism at your wedding. Design your for the wedding,
and wedding accessories in rich shades of blue and convince your
wedding guests with a modern & elegant look!

Wedding color blue – the color of hope
Symbolically, the wedding color blue is a positive and promising choice for the
wedding. It is the color of hope, harmony and contentment. Like the endless blue
of the sky, it perfectly reects
the eternity of a marriage and gives the wedding
reception an appropriate elegance. Shades of blue have a calming and
emotionally positive eect
on people and are never clearly perceived as cold
shades. The bridal bouquet and table owers
often consist of cornowers
waiting at a blue wedding. The table decoration can be decorated with lavender
stems and also convinces with a beguiling fragrance.

Wedding decoration in shades of blue
If you want to give the dream wedding a special summer feeling, rene
wedding decorations and the guest gifts with intense shades of blue. From the
invitation card to table runners and photo albums to beautiful gift sets. Blue is
really trendy this wedding season and can be used in a variety of ways. Blue tones
can be wonderfully combined with brown, brightened up with fresh white and
festively decorated with golden accents. The combination with sun-yellow accents
is particularly popular, for example in the form of oral
decorations or small guest

Something Blue: wedding out
ts with blue accents
Blue hair accessories and subtle wedding accessories to match the bride’s outt
are very popular, but the color is particularly popular with bridesmaids and ower

children in contrast to the bride’s white wedding dress. This wedding color is for
creative minds and individualists, so do something and surprise your wedding
guests with a playful and bold wedding in blue. semi formal dresses