Wedding Wishes

Wedding in the Black Forest with Wedding Wands

Deborah and Matze celebrated a natural wedding with beautiful sunset moments.

Deborah & Matze have known their wedding photographer Sarah for a long
time and everyone was especially looking forward to this wedding. This
fantastic day was celebrated in the idyllic Black Forest. And after the
thunderstorm in the morning with power failure and rain, luckily the sun

came out in the afternoon and gave the bridal couple and all guests a
wonderful and emotional day

A special highlight of this wedding was the moment when the newlyweds
stepped out of the church: Bells and ribbons everywhere!
The guests waved fluttering lucky sticks – so-called wedding walls – to the
bridal couple happiness! formal dresses with sleeves

In the evening, Deborah & Matze took the chance to take wonderful sunset
pictures … you can only say: “And they lived happily ever after”!

We hope the great wedding photos of this Real Wedding have inspired you!