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Wedding Planner – Architects for your wedding

Organizing a wedding is not child’s play. It takes a lot of time, eort
organizational skills down to the smallest detail. After all, the day on
which you say yes should be an unforgettable experience, in a positive
sense! cheap formal dresses

A wedding planner can help you step by step towards the dream
wedding. You don’t necessarily have to leave the entire organization in
the hands of others. With the wedding planner you can “get everything
from a ower
binder to a make-up artist, and each one individually. I
once had a research request for a supplier of dog jewelry for a wedding.
The customer took everything else into their own hands, “says Simone
Berghäuser of ‘Wedding Director’.
Organizational areas that cause you problems or that take up too much
time can be passed on to professional wedding planners. Planning for
your dream in white doesn’t degenerate into a full-time job. “Preparing
a wedding down to the smallest detail is exhausting and cannot even
be done on the side,” says Gabriele Günter from the ‘easy wedding &
more’ event agency.

That’s all very well. But honestly, don’t you need a pretty big wallet to
be able to aord
such a luxury? We also asked Christine Koenen-Klein
from ‘Moments in Weiß’: “Good wedding planning can often save
money. Even if a professional wedding planner costs money, of course.
But the planner has the right contacts and claries
which services
where At what cost there is and has the necessary talent for
improvisation. It is important to have a roughly set budget that you have
to keep in mind and to see how it can be appropriately divided. ”
And don’t forget: “A serious wedding planner passes on the discounts
from his partners to the customers, so that you often benet
says Daniela Müller from factsandfeelings’.
A wedding planner is bound to stick to the budget set by the bride and
groom as well as possible. With his experience he can usually judge
well where you can save money and where it is worth spending more. If
it’s easy to lose track of money when it comes to money, or if you’re a
candidate who likes to go on a shopping spree, you’re denitely
in good
hands with a wedding planner. He has all costs under control and helps
you to spend the available money sensibly.

Wedding planners often get discounts through long-term cooperation
with companies and photographers that private individuals would
otherwise never get. In addition, professional wedding planners have
many contacts and addresses of providers, suppliers and locations. “A
bride and groom usually starts from scratch on their own. I have the
appropriate specialists and employees at my side who can divide up
the implementation of the individual topics among themselves. But the
threads ow
together again with me, “says Katrin Schulz from
Christine Koenen-Klein of ‘Moments in Weiß’ is of the same opinion:
“The bridal couple usually tackles such a project for the rst
Professionally or otherwise busy, the bride and groom often lack the
necessary time. The time-consuming hard work can be done by a
wedding planner, bringing the appropriate network of contacts with him
and providing additional creative impulses ”

With all of the decisions and preparations that must be made to make
your wedding the most beautiful day of your life, professional help is
sure to be a relief. It is best to contact two or three wedding planners in
your area to compare prices and services. Of course, the chemistry
between the bride and groom and the planner should also be right. An
initial consultation is usually free of charge. So if you have the feeling
that the wedding planner does not respond to your wishes and needs
or is fundamentally unsympathetic to you, just look around for another!
Ideally, you should hire a wedding planner about 10-12 months before
the wedding, especially if you have extravagant wishes or are getting
married in spring and summer. Popular locations and service providers
are often booked out well in advance. But even if there is already a re
and the wedding is imminent, the wedding planner can still achieve a
When asked why it makes sense to hire a wedding planner, Gabriele
Günter from the event agency easy wedding & more answered us as
follows: “When you build a house, hire an architect. If you are planning a
trip, you go into it Travel agency. Why should the organization, which is
exhausting until the last minute, be put on yourself? long sleeve formal dresses australia

But a wedding planner is not only used in advance, when planning.
What use is the best planning if you have to take care of everything
yourself on the wedding day and are stressed on your big day.
“Depending on the individual arrangements made, the wedding planner
is there on the wedding day from assembly to dismantling. He controls
in the background, ensures that everything goes as agreed, always has
a plan B ready and can improvise if necessary so that even you cannot
do anything of the problems behind the scenes, “says Daniela Müller.