Wedding Wishes

Wedding wishes

How do I formulate wedding wishes?
Basically, it goes without saying what you want for the wedding couple at the
wedding: Of course, only the best! But when you look at the white greeting card or
guestbook page, formulating it sometimes becomes a challenge. What words
should you give the bride and groom when they start their married life? In addition,
wedding guests are faced with the decision of whether the congratulations should
be serious and romantic or rather humorous and with a wink. Do not worry, with our text examples and sample texts as inspiration, wishes for the wedding are selfevident.
Wedding congratulations are even more beautiful and individual if they
are supplemented by quotations or sayings by well-known personalities – we have
also put together examples of this.

Text examples for wedding wishes
May you always be in love as you are today! Good luck, love and health for your life
together wish you …
All the best in the world for your life together wish you … Congratulations on your
We wish you all the best for your wedding day. May all your dreams come true!
We wish you all the best in the world for your future together. Congratulations on
the marriage!
Congrats to your marriage! We heartily wish you the best for your life together.
All the best for the wedding! We hope you will have a lot of joy and happiness in
your married life .

We wish you the best of luck and love for your future together. Congratulations on
the wedding!

Sayings and quotes for wedding wishes
Every loved one is the center of a paradise.
Spouses who love each other say a thousand things without speaking.
Chinese proverb

Marriage is the prose translation of a love poem.
Alfred Bougeard
Walking through the world together is nicer than standing alone. And giving
yourself the oor
is probably the most beautiful thing in life.

All contradictions of life sink and lose in love. Only in love are unity and duality not
in conict.
Rabindranath Tagore
In a good marriage, heaven and earth come together.
Brazilian proverb

Everyone sees a piece of the world, together we see the whole.
To experience the full value of happiness, we need someone to share it with.
Mark Twain

The only cure for love is even more love!
Henry David Thoreau
Wedding wishes for greeting cards
The dress is selected, the arrival is organized, the selected and
packaged – now all that is missing is a card with wedding wishes from the heart!
Before the actual congratulations, it is important to nd
an elegant start. For
example, a joint reminder with the bride and groom is suitable at the beginning,
which automatically gives the wishes for the wedding a personal touch. Maybe
there is a funny anecdote that is worth telling? Or just a nice evening when you
realized that the bride and groom are meant for each other?
If you enclose the wedding wishes with the gift, you can of course also respond to
them on the wedding card. For honeymoon monetary gifts, for example, you can
wish the bride and groom a lot of fun at their travel destination.
Alternatively, you can start with a nice quote or a saying. A few of our quotes and
sayings are also great for congratulations on your wedding day, to show the bride
and groom that you are thinking of them.
If you didn’t nd
what you were looking for in our list above, you will nd
more . In any case, a successful introduction will
help you to make the wedding card much more personal and individual.

Wedding wishes for the guest book
While there are often only a few lines available on greetings cards for weddings,
there is plenty of space in the for personal congratulations. A
beautifully designed guest book page will surely put a smile on the face of the
bride and groom and help make the guest book a wonderful souvenir. The
congratulations can be supplemented with a poem, for example. You will nd
classic poems here for inspiration. Of course you can also write a few
lines yourself and enter them in the guest book. You don’t have to be a great poet
for some self-written rhymes and writing them is much more fun than brooding
over an elaborate congratulatory text. It’s best to brainstorm a few days in advance
and bring it to the wedding!

Wedding wishes – the main thing from the heart!
With all tips about wedding wishes, one should not forget that ultimately it is the
thought that counts. Whether you want a wedding, a romantic quote or a wedding
poem, all of these contribute to making the wedding day an unforgettable
experience for the newlyweds. When writing the congratulations, it is therefore not
primarily a question of eloquence, but of wishing the bride and groom all the best
for their future life in a personal way

Even more inspiration for wedding wishes

Wedding wishes in the wedding newspaper
Good wishes for the wedding as a contribution in the wedding newspaper? Sure, of
course! A successful wedding newspaper should be a mixture of funny content,
romantic contributions and wishes for the newlyweds. We will show you how to
design the content for the wedding magazine in our advice section on everything
related to the wedding newspaper .